Best Brunches in Amsterdam

Brunch is absolutely and positively my favourite meal of the day. I love everything about it. I love eggs. I love juice. I love fruit. But above all, I love that it was created by people with hangovers, so they have an excuse to wake up late and have a drink at midday. They’re my kind of people.

After walking around Amsterdam and seeing pancakes for sale on every corner, I wasn’t surprised to find a thriving brunch scene. Thus, I present a run down of best brunches in Amsterdam.


best brunches in amsterdam

When I stumbled across Omelegg, I quite literally punched the air. I had been out the night before and my head was feeling anything but luminous. My go to hangover food is always a nice, simple omelette. Not because I’m against a complicated omelette, but because my cooking skills don’t really go beyond adding cheese.

I was ecstatic to read through the menu and discover what seemed like EVERY SINGLE OMELETTE EVER CREATED. Spinach, mushroom, bacon, chorizo, gorgonzola, walnut, honey…. there was even a banana and peanut butter option for the eccentric diner.  I went for the “Viking Fisherman”, which consisted of smoked salmon, chives, dill and crème fraîche. It was divine.

best brunches in amsterdam  

The atmosphere was also absolutely lovely. Being only a tiny restaurant, it felt nice and cosy. My favourite touch was the quirky 1920s style swing music that played throughout our stay, I’m just hoping an Omelegg may one day open up in London!

Omelegg has two locations in Amsterdam – one in the city centre, and one in De Pijp. for more information.


Bakers and Roasters 

best brunches in amsterdam

Bakers and Roasters is a New Zealand style cafe with a Brazilian twist, to represent the owners’ home countries. This means a culmination of poached eggs, hearty sausages, potato hash, black beans, mango salsa, chipotle cream… The possibilities to mix these two very different flavours are plentiful. And guess what, it really works! I ordered a vegetarian breakfast, which was pretty standard until grilled haloumi and  homemade chilli jam came into the mix. Yum!

There were plenty of classic brunch options to chose from (eggs benedict, full Kiwi breakfast) or you can go for something decidedly more Brazilian like the Power Breakfast, which consisted of egg white scramble with Brazilian black beans, brown rice, garlic spinach, cottage cheese and grilled chicken breast.


best brunches in amsterdam 

The food was absolutely cracking, however it was their selection of brunch style cocktails that got me excited. Mimosa, Bloody Mary,  Screwdriver, Hendrick’s G&T…. everything you could ask for a boozy brunch abroad!

Bakers and Roasters  have two locations in Amsterdam, one nearby Central Station and one in De Pijp. for more information.


Betty Blue

best brunches in amsterdam

Upon my arrival at Betty Blue, I was craving something sweet and glutinous. Luckily this modern cafe specialises in cakes, coffee and sweet stuff. The breakfast menu was a simple but effective mixture of Dutch pancakes, toast, eggs or what I decided to go for – french toast with fruit and syrup.

best brunches in amsterdam

The decor is what went down best with me and my crew. Vintage rugs clashed against neon signs, plastic geometric animal heads adorned the white walls and lampshades made of twigs hung from the ceiling. We ended up spending a couple of hours here as the vibe was so cosy and the coffee so great. Wifi wasn’t bad either!

Betty Blue is located a stones throw away from Dam square, past the red light district. for more information.


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Amsterdam is full of amazing food, did I miss any restaurants out? What was your best brunch? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. 16th January 2016 / 12:50 am

    Yum! Been to Omelegg & Baker’s & Roaster’s. I have a 3rd to try now 🙂

    • 16th January 2016 / 1:16 pm

      Definitely give Betty Blue a try, they’re cakes and coffees are sublime! Wish I had more time to check out more brunch places but was pushed for time 🙁

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