A weekend in Rome (or Carbohydrates and The Colosseum)

Rome is one of those cities that is on everybody’s bucket list. “I want to see London, New York, Paris and Rome” is how it usually goes. People usually assume that all Europeans have visited every European country. Well guess what, we haven’t! And Rome has certainly been on my bucket list.

What attracted me most was not the historic architecture, the religious monuments or the romantic feel to the city. Oh no, no no. It was in fact, the food. I longed to spend the day doing nothing but sit in a trattoria and watch the world go by. I wanted to be served endless courses of antipasto, ravioli, quattro formaggi pizza and tiramisu. I wanted to stuff myself with pasta without feeling guilty. I was in Italy after all, and it is impossible to feel guilt about overeating in Italy. This was my absolute dream.

Lucky for me, I achieved this dream and ate my own weight in carbohydrates. I did however, manage to burn off the bolognese by exploring as many landmarks as I could. Have a look at my photo diary below and I’m sure you’ll want to visit Rome on your next trip too.


Posing outside the Colosseum




I ate all the food Italy had to offer, including the both ugliest and tastiest tiramisu I’ve ever encountered


Piazza Del Popolo



No trip to Rome is complete without seeing The Vatican


Piazza Venezia and Piazza Navona


The fashionista in me couldn’t resist a walk down Via del Babuino and visiting it’s expensive boutiques. I’m a life long Moschino fan, so visiting a store in Italy was a dream come true.


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