Croatia by the Sea

As our Euro Trip continued, our fifth stop was the charming island of Pag, Croatia. Now, I’m not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes. The beauty of Croatia was only the second reason we headed towards the Mediterranean Sea. The first being the thriving and enticing nightlife of Zrće beach. By day we sat in dusty restaurants feasting on salted cod and potatoes, by night we danced until sunrise in the electrifying clubs that lined the beach.




As a child, I convinced my mother to take me to Croatia. Most kids my age had some sort of obsession. Some kids liked football, some loved comics. I however, had a fascination with Dalmatian dogs. When I found out that people from the historic region of Dalmatia were named Dalmatians, nothing was going to stop me from visiting this hallowed place.

Now don’t get me wrong, my vision of Croatia was not one of a nation inhabited by half human, half spotted dog hybrids, but rather I anticipated becoming a Dalmatian myself. Even if it was just a name.

Unfortunately, the holiday only lasted two weeks and I failed to integrate into Dalmatian life.  This however did not deter me from coming back.





So here I was, aged 25 and back in the Holy Land I had fantasised about as a child. It did not disappoint… rolling mountains, diamond seas and all the sangria I could drink (not something I thought about as a child). I look forward to exploring more of Croatia, but for now it was on to a whistle stop tour of Venice.



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