Postcards from Venice

Venice was an absolute treat. We stopped off here as part of our 2013 road trip around Europe. As we drove everywhere in our 14 seater mini van, our ETA at each destination was hard to grasp. In this particular instance we arrived at 6am in the morning, which was an absolute God send.

After parking up and getting the tram into the thick of the city, we began sightseeing right away. Luckily not many people walk the streets of Venice at 7am, so it felt as if we had the place to ourselves. We explored the city, almost fell in a canal, tried to hijack a gondola and then settled down for a nice bowl of pasta.

By midday, the city was absolutely packed and it was hard to move down the narrow streets. This was our call to leave. A few hours in Venice cemented the fact that I would one day love to revisit this historic city, but Paris was now calling.







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